OXFORD is revolutionising the world of notebooks by building a bridge between handwriting and the digital world.

Handwriting is essential to learning, thinking and structuring ideas.

75% of young people think that writing with a pen on paper is irreplaceable.

OXFORD SCRIBZEE is a free cloud-based app that enables you to scan, save and organize all your handwritten notes and documents from your OXFORD notebook.

The corner markers is a patented technology that links OXFORD SCRIBZEE to your smartphone.

Your notes are saved to OXFORD´s secure cloud server.

SCAN – SAVE – SHARE your notes wherever you are. All you need is your smartphone or tablet.

OXFORD is expanding the range of SCRIBZEE products. During 2017 more and more OXFORD products will get the SCRIBZEE tags.

With SCRIBZEE by OXFORD you can take advantage of an Evernote Premium special offer. Evernote lets you stay productive at home, at work or on the go. Learn more at evernote.com/scribzee or click the Evernote logo below to visit their blog about OXFORD SCRIBZEE.

Please contact our customer service to get a list of the full range of SCRIBZEE tagged products.

DK: +45 48 16 50 00, ksdk@hamelinbrands.com
SE: +46 40 29 19 70, ksse@hamelinbrands.com
NO: +47 32 24 17 50, ksno@hamelinbrands.com
GB: +45 48 16 50 00, csdk@hamelinbrands.com

Or click the above picture to view the range in our online catalogue.

(Illustrations ©‎ Faustine Sayagh)

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