Unilux Jazz – LED Lightning


On measure lighting
JAZZ is equipped with a very efficient 11 W LED lighting. Soft touch dimmer,located on the base makes it possible to adjust the lighting and colour intensity control that correspond to different activities (working, reading, relaxing).
JAZZ makes it possible to get an on measure lighting.
Product benefit
JAZZ is equipped with USB port and Wireless phone charger (QI certified, compatible with all smartphones who has the QI function.



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Product Information

Lighting type Symmetric
More Information
Ean 3595560016464
Unit CAR
Factor 12
Length 59.000
Height 37.500
Width 38.000
NettoWeight 17500.000
NettoVolume 84075.00000
Ean 3595560016488
Unit PAL
Factor 144
Length 120.000
Height 165.000
Width 80.000
NettoWeight 225000.000
NettoVolume 864000.00000
Ean 3595560016327
Unit EA
Factor 1
Length 17.800
Height 6.000
Width 57.800
NettoWeight 1380.000
NettoVolume 6048.00000
Other Information
Color Grey
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