After 70 yrs. and 3 generations – Securit® is today a market leader in signage and visual communication.

With a strong brand image, Securit® sells a wide variety of chalk markers and signage of the best possible quality.

Securit® is: Happy, sympathetic, friendly, creative and feel-good

Securit® is not: Slick, stiff and/or controversial.

Securit® believes in: Effort, quality, integrity and ambition.

Securit® products are used by pretty much everyone: hipsters, businessmen/-women, kids, grandparents… you name it, they use it! It’s for people that can see much more than a chalkboard or a chalk marker. People that see every opportunity to create as a chance to be creative.

Securit® was the first lifestyle chalk-brand – and is now a market leader in a segment it created. Other traditional chalk marker producers have begun creating lifestyle products, but none as original, unique and comprehensive as Securit’s.

This perfect assortment helps bring out the artistic and imaginative side in everyone. From Securit® wall boards to chalkboard 3D animals, there’s a world of décor just waiting to be discovered! Colour your life!

Securit® Pro is a pioneer in the world of signage and visual communication. You can rely on their knowledge to help you with the latest designs and hundreds of products to support small businesses. Say it with Securit!