While the supple leather could be from Italy and the name Pierre might sound French, the brand actually comes from Sweden.

In 1982, Bengt Pierre acquired a small family business selling office supplies to several local wholesalers in Sweden. The relatively wide product range also featured a couple of leather briefcases, attaché cases and the like.

Inspiring vision and drive in ambitious people.

Bengt Pierre saw the business potential of this product category and began developing a line of quality suitcases targeted at the travelling businessman. And thus the Pierre brand was born.

Inspiring vision and drive in ambitious people, Pierre is constantly looking at and mapping the behaviour and needs of business people. In doing so, Pierre creates user-friendly Smart Bags, which give business users a sense of security and comfort on the go.

After being taken over by Bantex A/S in 2005, the brand has grown exponentially, while remaining true to its original vision. In addition to the original range of travel and business bags for men, the brand now also includes lines for women.

With this range expansion, Pierre has shown itself to be versatile and modern.

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