Award winning school art & craft products and innovative writing supplies.

Pelikan was founded in 1838 by the chemist Carl Hornemann in Hanover, Germany. Pelikan has a strong heritage in the manufacturing of inks and paints.

Since then, Pelikan has transformed that knowledge and expertise into the manufacturing and development of writing instruments, stationery and printer consumables for use in schools, offices, and homes.

Today, Pelikan has established itself as a market leading brand that manufactures and distributes high quality, innovative and award-winning products worldwide.

Pelikan has a close cooperative teamwork with teachers and scientist. These learnings in combination with latest findings of Graf motoric, Pelikan has developed a comprehensive step-by-step system named griffix®.

Handwriting is brainwriting!

We believe that handwriting is more than “just” an ancient cultural asset. It is an expression of one’s own personality and an important basic competence, which is also closely linked to reading.

Handwriting is a motoric and cognitive process that helps us remember the written content better. By forming the letters by hand, we create memory traces in the brain, which are activated again as soon as we encounter the words again.

Typing does not do such things because the movement of typing is unrelated to the shape of the letters. As a result, we cannot remember the things we just wrote down.

Pelikan has a close cooperative teamwork with teachers and scientist. With support of these learnings in combination with latest findings of grafomotoric, Pelikan has developed a comprehensive step-by-step sytem named griffix®.

The Griffix writing practice system is the only comprehensive step-by-step system for learning how to write. The ergonomic design supports the ideal handwriting posture. It is suitable for right- and left-handers for an easy and relaxed writing. With these children learn to write finer and to exert less pressure while writing.

Beginning matters!

Pelikan focusses on giving children joy and success when painting and drawing. Our recipe is simple and meaningful: we love children and we love to enable them to be creative as often as possible. With our safe, long-lasting and reliable products that work action-initiating we focus on minimizing the hurdles to paint and draw.

We believe that this is the best way to support next generations in experiencing the power of creativity and build self-esteem.

Griffix® – The winning 5!

The new griffix® brushes make sure primary school children are ideally equipped for school art lessons. Painting assignments can be successfully completed with the winning five. All in accordance with the school curriculum – for painting surfaces, dots and lines.

The new griffix® brushes are the perfect addition to the griffix® learn-to-write system, because painting is an important tool for improving the fine motor skills of children’s hands.

The advantage is in the handle: Ergonomic triangular handle with special length suitable for kids. The brushes have non-slip surface for secure hold, they are easy to clean and dry thanks to plastic handle and suitable for various painting techniques.

The heart of the brush is the hairs: Synthetic hair in premium quality, robust and stays in shape, no annoying hair loss and also very easy to clean and dry.

”Daily helpers” for office

Pelikan offer a broad range of practical and long-lasting office supplies must-haves.

  • Jazz ball point pens in fashionable colors for you who cares about nice design, simplicity and quality.
  • Practical and durable whiteboard markers and permanent markers
  • Glue applicable for all kinds of purposes: superglue, glue sticks, craft glue, all-purpose glue and paper glue.
  • Sharpeners
  • Erasers
  • Ball point pens with click or cap
  • Fine liners
  • Text markers
  • Correction
  • Carbon paper
  • Ink
  • Office clips

With a strong brand presence and timeless German heritage spanning over 180 years, Pelikan aims to be the largest international brand within the writing instruments and stationery business.

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