Carlton on the move since 1976.

Ever since Carlton started in 1976, they have been on the quest for making our unique brand of luggage better.

Though the design roots can be traced to London, today they are a truly international brand with presence in over 50 countries and four continents, with regional offices in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Technical innovation and constant upgradation are the things that make our range distinctive.

Our mission is simple: to make travel a pleasurable experience.

The collection is an attempt to satisfy the needs of modern travel by being lightweight, colourful and fashionable; while being in touch with the traditional travel values of having a secure transfer of belongings and more than sufficient packing volume.

With this fundamental blend, Carlton hope to be able to meet the expectations of today’s traveller in a meaningful way.

Because our mission is simple: to make travel a pleasurable experience. The Journey of life become much easier with Carlton because

  • Dependable – Carlton. Designed and manufactured for durability and reliability. Filtered by “Carlton quality tests”. You do not worry if you travel with us.
  • Compatible – Carlton. For you. On a business trip around the world? On vacation to the exotic corners of the universe? Our designers understand your style.
  • Useful – Our designers also focus on the practical details. Take the worry out of your trip.
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